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You see, successful traders know that there's a TON of money to be made in the penny stock market because the upside potential is highly explosive.

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Why Invest In Penny Stocks?

Simple. Because penny stock investing offers MASSIVE money making potential.

Think about it.

It is more likely for a stock that is trading at 5 cents to make a move to 10 cents - and double your money - than a stock trading at $50.00 and make its way up to $100.00.

In fact, penny stock investing can often see gains of 500% within a matter of days!

On the other hand, stocks that trade on the big boards could take months - even years - to see that amount of an increase in share value.

After all, when was the last time Microsoft jumped 500%??

Let's face it. With high reward there is typically high risk. And we try hard to reduce the risk by picking stocks that we believe have a significant upside, counter-acted by support on the downside.

And we have an outstanding record of huge gainers. Just look at the left side of this website and you'll see some of my winning penny stock picks!

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Hot Penny Stock News!

It is widely believed that tremendous short and long-term opportunities exist within individual sectors.

That's why we provide NYSE News and Data; AMEX News and Analysis; Nasdaq News and Views; OTCBB News and Data, Stock Picking Software offers, as well as news & data that covers some of these top performing sectors. Alternative Energy and Oil & Gas penny stocks have probably created more 100%, 200% and 1000%+ profit opportunities than any other sector!

I promise that you can definitely find hot penny stock opportunities featured in my AMEEX News and Analytics and Nasdaq Updates and Views or other news columns...just like I did!

For example...

A few months ago, I was checking out some of the news in the Alternative Energy section of my website, simply reading the headlines to see what was going on.

I had just watched another hot penny stock triple in value within a matter of days, so I was on the hunt for another profitable super hot penny stock opportunity.

Low and behold, I stumbled upon a news release from a penny stock named Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc. (OTCBB: MMGW), located somewhere in Massachusetts. The Company just announced that it sold a wind power plant to be used by the United States Army.

That's big time news for a penny stock! And I when a penny stock releases news, it can SKYROCKET! But who the heck was this company?? Another hot penny stock that was ready to explode? I had to do some research on this penny stock.

And what I discovered was this...

On that day the penny stock opened at 60 cents and traded about 18,000 shares. It had a few "offers" in the way, but not much of an obstacle to prevent a big move.

Then, I looked at its trading history and it didn't seem to have much action. In fact, on some days it didn't even trade at all. It was basically "trading by appointment."

But over the course of the next few days and weeks the volume started pouring in and the share price absolutely EXPLODED - making early investors thousands!!

A month later this hot penny stock moved to an intraday high of $3.44 for a maximum gain of over 500%!! I was awestruck at the massive increase!

Even as I write this - 6 months later - it's trading higher than when I found it. This meant that countless opportunities existed for early investors to have exited with HUGE PROFITS!

What I discovered was that with the right tools, I could DOUBLE my money...within days...trading penny stocks!

But you don't have to do the research to find these diamonds in the rough.

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How to Profit in today's economy!

Even during today's turbulent economic times, Liquid Tycoon has announced penny stock picks that have DOUBLED!

For example, Zippi Networks, Inc. (OTCPK: ZIPI) was picked in September of 2008.

ZIPI, for all practical purposes, began trading on September 11, 2008, just a few days before I announced it as a hot penny stock pick.

The 20-day average volume on the penny stock was only 5,000 shares and the price was seemingly fixed between 7 cents and 13 cents...and then the uptrend began.

This was a hot penny stock that showed bullish signals - which I can describe to you in my free newsletter - and was about to make a terrific run.

Within 7 trading sessions, ZIPI elevated on increasing volume to eclipse an intraday high of 32 cents! Yep! The stock made a 100% return.

Make special note that this stock witnessed an impressive 9 straight days in the green...while the broader markets were in turmoil, including a 500+ and 700+ point loss on the Dow. ZIPI was a true bright spot in the markets!

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LiquidTycoon.com is among the best penny stock picking websites and provides news and data to help discover the next profitable winner!

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